Constitutional Lawyer



Ambler Law Offices was founded with a particular interest in defending constitutional rights.  If you were to attend many law schools and peruse the course catalogs and curricula, you would recognize a startling reality: The Constitution of the United States, otherwise known as the supreme law of the land, is taught in a very limited fashion.  Many schools teach very basic constitutional law and focus on concepts such as the commerce clause, limits on federal power, and due process requirements. Only limited time was spent on important 2nd and 4th amendment constitutional protections.  As a student, I devoted additional time and resources in order to educate myself on applicable constitutional law.

Informed Approach

Putting effort into understanding the intent of the founding fathers, including review of the drafting history of the Constitution helps provide an informed perspective of constitutional law.  Coupling this background with thorough review of subsequent applicable case law enables us to effectively leverage every argument and defense available under the Constitution.


After thoroughly understanding the clients facts, legal strategy in any given case originates with the lawyers fighting the case. While the client makes big calls, on things like accepting plea deals or testifying, the attorneys involved need to make often difficult strategic calls on what can be accomplished.  Having a lawyer on your side who will zealously defend your rights under the Constitution, and leverage available constitutional arguments in your favor will help provide the type of defense envisioned by our founding fathers. This approach helps to ensure that constitutional safeguards and guarantees that were given to all Americans are afforded equally to you.